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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take to complete an average- sized room ?

  1. An average-sized room takes no longer than a day and a half to sand and finish.

  1. Who will be doing the work ?

  1. The proprietor of the business will be doing the work. If it is a large area, the work will be closely supervised by the proprietor.

  1. Is there much dust ?

  1. There is not a lot of dust because we use the most up- to- date machinery. We also mask off, where it is appropriate.

  1. Do I need a colour on the floor ?

A. Floors can look great with clear finishes. However, you may want a particular colour to fit in with your design ideas. I can recommend a colour when I believe this is needed, to add value and improve the appearance of the floor. Note: no space for the text!