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Customer Feedback
We can replace floor boards where necessary
and take out heaths and replace with floor boards. Gaps in floor boards can be filled with sawdust mixed with epoxy resin, which is good for the appearance of the floor and cuts down on drafts. Beading can be fitted to hide the gaps between the floor and the skirting boards.
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Floor sanding is a highly skilled trade and not for the DIYer. We use one set of machines to sand from the most coarse grit to a fine 80 grit. We then switch to another set of machines for fine finishing through 100,120 and 150 grits of paper.
Only the best flooring products in the world are used to finish our floors.

We offer an eco friendly range of oils and stain oils.
We also offer commercial stains and lacquers for high traffic areas.
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Stains and Varnish
Osmo Oils